This is my response to today’s daily prompt:

Have you ever had a mentor? What was the greatest lesson you learned from him or her? 

I can’t really say I have a mentor, a single one or a specific one, but first step first… What does “mentor” means? According to this dictionary, means:

1. a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.
2. an influential senior sponsor or supporter…

So well, I had/have them in my life!

During all my life there where people and mostly things these people have said and done which have hit or sometimes even shocked me…

Let’s start with the first one:

  1. my grandfather: he was a farmer, barely capable of reading and writing but with a huge culture and a great compassion and a huge hearth… From him I’ve learned (or at least I hope so) humility, that you need to work hard to obtain what you want but mostly that you can’t judge anyone because you don’t know what’s behind…. and that the only difference from a person to another person is not in the skin tone or the language but it’s in the hearth of who is watching… I miss everyday his voice and I know I could have learned so much more from him!
  2. books: there are books that literally changed my perspectives, that shocked me and opened my mind to a different and completely new way of seeing things… also for those books I’m glad to be the person who I am today!
  3. quotes: same as before, some quotes from great person or even proverb are really reminders for me of the person I want to be everyday… I’ve told already something about this in this old post.
  4. music and songs: the noise of my life but also some of my life principles, as for books and quotes, there are songs that really sounds like my life and some lyrics which inspires me everyday…
  5. teachers: there were two teachers in my adolescence who really impacted on my personality: my wonderful teacher of literature…(I’ve told something about her here) who tought me so much things, but the most important lesson was that “you’ve never done with learning and that’s the beauty of it, you’ll never get bored! there always be something new to learn” learning is a lifetime business and it doesn’t have to be boring or hard, it’s up to you how to live it, learn and “know” something more could be an exciting process and experience, it can only enrich your soul, how could it possibly be boring or hard?!?
    The other one taught me that “you may not seeing it now, but if something has to happen it will someway, if it’s not it just wasn’t supposed to be” he told me this referred to a crush I had in high school, but he told me it could have been useful for everything, and it’s something that is in my mind since then! I’m not sure if destiny exist or not, but even though is a principle that I apply more often than I could have said back then!
  6. my friends: my greatest sponsors and supporters! their strength, their actions and their words inspires me everyday, I’m honored to know such great persons!
  7. my last new “mentor”: Sergio: my yoga teacher! A wise person, not “holy”, he has found a balance between spirituality and “normal” life in this crazy society, living at his best this life without taking it too seriously (both: life and hisself!) he has a great culture in philosophy and he has the great quality to give you a fresh perspective to a twisted day!
  8. my bigger mentor of ever: life! Life, experience and even ourselves are the true teachers! They are the best wise and trusted counselors we could possibly meet “the answers are already inside us” we just have to stop and listen to them!
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