For lose yourself: walking…

there’s nothing better than an iPod with music playing.. as “Y generation” strictly recommend!

Thoughts switched on, legs regularly keep moving… perfect metaphor for life indeed, like Dr. Wayne Dyer says “our past is the trail we left behind” and since it’s behind, it’s pointless to be immobilized by it and makes it the reason why we cannot move on! It is not past faults if we can’t go on, is just our.. Our past can’t obstruct the path in front of us, it’s me I’m struggle by it, so I just have to let it go… as for it, it’s already behind me, I just have to stop look back and focus forward, step by step, because is who I am here and now and what I have inside me the only thing that will make my life going on…

Everyday I’ll be a different person from the day before, because everyday I’ll learn something else, something new, which I didn’t have the day before, so is pointless keep stuck in the past!


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