Jump into the unknown or waiting for better days to come?!?

this is one of my daily questions… should i jump or not?!?

In every day life, I lately found myself make this kind of choice and I always tend to  follow my instinct, which not always gives positive results btw… and I am not saying because it wasn’t the right choice, because I am a huge supporter of the: if you feel like doing something, you have to do it, there is no room for discussion… otherwise you will regret it forever!

Then, there are decisions which, either because most challenging, either because more “scary” I hesitate to take and automatically feel the conviction be lost… maybe because of fear or because of confusion that my thoughts make, considering every possible scenario, resulting from the hypothetical decision taken!

The fact is that, in that specific moment, what I feel is not so clear and all just seems to be so damn complicated… what is best doing then?!? I have found a great support in yoga and meditation that are teaching me, first of all to self-regulate myself, and above all are teaching me to calm my mind, which is too laborious, too worried, too active, just too busy to think straight!

One interesting thing that I heard during a session of meditation is that we do think too much, we worry about everything unnecessarily… things will run their course either way, even if we spend the whole time worrying about it or not! It will only be bad for our peace of mind to worry about it, so just let it go as it should!

So.. here’s the question, when you don’t feel so sure about the road, do you jump into the unknown or do you wait for better days to come? How do you manage to feel again which is the right answer inside you?

So far, my answer is meditation… but I’ve found a theorem underneath this: the bigger is the decision, the lower will be the volume of the inner voice that whispers me the answer, so I have to be very concentrate and keep my mind really quiet… which is something I’m still working on to accomplish!


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