“Your soul is the whole world” Siddhartha An Indian Tale by Hermann Hesse or Upanishads of Samaveda

This morning I read the first chapter of Siddhartha by Hesse, a book I have from ever!
Over years, I tried to start it two or three times, but I never felt any affinity with those words, so I always put it off to another time… now that time has come!

A sentence in particular struck me: “your soul is the whole world” this sentence which Siddhartha read on the first chapter is quoted by the Upanishads, a collection of texts which form the philosophical basis of Hindu religion.

This concept often pops up into my life during this year of discoveries… Indeed I found out that, only losing any kind of reference point, including the most well established and most important ones, I could understand something, so trivial and so obvious that I have always ignored it… It is so wrong to continue to rely and even create new external reference points, the only reference point that really should be a reference point, that we should take care of and to which we must rely, is one and one only and it is within us not outside, only our true self, our soul, that special place inside ourself which is truth, pure truth within us and that is the only reference point that will be with us always, until the very last breath… as long as we will exist!

Sometimes we could lose sight of it, overshadowed by the noise coming from external influences, I did lose it for a long time, but it still was there, will always be, silent, waiting to be recognized again in its central function… I understand that this is the one thing that will always be my whole world!


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