Imagination, reality or what?!?

Have you ever had a vision, so vivid to seems like a remember, or have you ever had the feeling to know exactly how a person close to you feels about you?
I did and I could have bet on my vision and my sixth sense every time… but than I realise everytime that somewhere reality have deviated from my vision… so what did I miss?
There has to be probably some clue at some point I am sure I did misinterpret somehow…
I am so curious to understand sincerely if it’s just my judgment that is broke or is just some other people does change mind so quickly!
There is nothing wrong in changing mind, but there’s a fine line between changing mind and being too moody if is a constant attitude!
That said, what I care is to repair my judgment and a bit my hearth too, because is so sweet have vision or a good sensation about someone you’re just knowing from so few, but who you feel so connected to, that it feels like he’s in your brain and you’re in his too… How can I had possibly misjudge this?!? Who knows…

Maybe the secret is that is impossible know exactly what someone else is thinking, because is impossible know everything about someone, maybe even we don’t know ourself that well, how can we possibly know someone else better than us?!?
So, my lesson for me for the next time: unless someone tells me his feelings, I’m gonna stop my visions (as much as I can, ’cause unfortunately they spontaneously manifestate them selves..) and mostly I’m gonna stop speculate on my visions… and I’ll leave them in the dream corner in the bottom of my brain!


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