In a second can change everything, so choose wisely… life is just one!

Sometimes you realize that you’re working so hard to build something better, to become a better person, you’re so focus on it and suddenly you realize that truth is: when something really really tough happens, it takes just a second to waste, change and destroy everything!

All we’ve worked for, all our tears, all our commitment could be all for nothing if we let go…

It is the defining moment, when we feel so strongly the need to let go and throw in the towel, that’s exactly when we own to our self to be the better person we wish to be, otherwise it will be all just words in the wind…
When we feel weak, when we feel thin as a slim sheet of ice is exactly in that moment that we have to choose if let go or fight and we can let just few milliseconds of weakness but then we have just one possible choice to do: fight!
Because if we don’t, we’ll lose everything… and our self, will be the first we’ll lose!

But if we push harder, grab our inner self, hold on to it and believe is gonna be better, then it won’t be all for nothing and we will be the change we want to be! Then we will have just create an experience, we will set a precedent and if we have done it once there’s nothing to keep us from doing it again and this will be our great secret to be stronger than ever!


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