Vade-mecum when something is going wrong…

When something is going really really wrong, I found help trying to keep this attitude while the bed event was taking place:

  1. when you realize that something is going wrong: STOP!
  2. focus on what you’re living, try to understand every aspect of the event you’re living,
  3. feel your feelings growing consequently to this event,
  4. live fully your feelings,
  5. face your feelings and try to make a new paragraph but really keeping calm and strongly believe that because, not matter what, also bed things has an end and they could become good if you take it from the right side, because bed is just the other side of good, they are both part of the same thing!
  6. put all the strength you got to support yourself and be the first one who you count on, because, no matter what, you’ll be there anyway for you, so it worth to make it count!
  7. when you’ll have the bed event on your back, made you compliments, dedicate yourself a smile, hug you, be happy and satisfied, because you made it yourself!

This are reminders that I keep tell myself, it was useful to me, I hope it could be for someone else too!



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