Yoga lesson of tonight seems like was build up for me… topic was: non-attachment!

Highlight was: “constantly think about one thing generates attachment to it, then you want it!

This happens to be perfectly true, at least for me… and I honestly know that is a big issue I’ll have to deal with everyday! I apply this error on attachment for people mostly, or on desires, expectations on life, not really material things.. at least for one aspect I’m save!

It reveals to be really difficult to apply, but I do know that is necessary for not suffer, I sometimes ask myself where is the fine line between being non-attached and being detached, because as a passionate Latin character as I typically am, I find it difficult to detect it… in meanwhile I’m aware that sometimes I tend to catch fire also for nothing, I tend to build something in my mind, before even start to see if there is something… so I know is for the best trying to be more “non-attached”!

So, it appears that the secret is to focus on the present! Our wrong attitude constantly thinks about desires projecting us in the future, not living the present… we are worry, even before, for something that may never become near to realize, or that could have all another kind of path, or there can be unlimited different prospects in between “here, now” and the future! The present is the only moment we have…

Besides, every challenge is a chance to learn something new, but not if we speculate on what it could be. We may also have a precast attitude, based on what we aspect to be, losing the spontaneously of reacting instinctively in the exact moment while the situations are taking shape…

We have also to accept the inevitable “changing nature” of life, which is also awesome for this.. and we have to learn to love the uncertainty because, like everything, there are two sides of it, we can choose to live it as a challenge that stimulate us to become better, instead of complaining because changes are scaring, unknown and so on…
If something is scary, we don’t necessarily have to take the bad side of it, we can choose to accept the risk and live it, becoming more aware and life will become exciting as every challenge and full of possibility and adventures…

“The awakened sages call a person wise when all his undertakings are free from anxiety about results” – Krishna from The Bhagavad Gita


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