Treasures around the corner…

Yesterday I spent my Sunday with one of my best friend, we were just walking around searching for some small presents to put under the Christmas tree… We ended up in front of the bracelet stand of this very charming woman: Mariangela.

She told us briefly about her turbulent life, how she lost everything and how she was building herself all over again from nothing, obviously I immediately empathized with her!!!

She was very rich and then, it happened she lost everything! She wasn’t even able to buy food anymore, but she found her way back and she rebuilt herself all over again (and earning money too of course), doing these bracelets, which she told us are magic!

Nothing sensational maybe till now, there are so many people who keep drown to the bottom and come back refreshed every day… Point is: bracelets!

She started tell us to pick a bracelet, one which catched our attention then, based on the ornamentation and on pendants on the bracelet, she would have told us our story and our destiny…

I was skeptical, I don’t tend to believe these kind of things, so I just kept to look at the bracelets, but just because were nice and really cheap and not because of the tellings… and my friend and me, we picked one bracelet each.

Starting from the colour of the bracelets ribbon, to every single pendant and even every single decoration on the pendants, everything had a meaning and surprisingly, that meaning was a strong reference to our life, to the experiences we  actually really lived, to facts truly happened to us and to aspects of our character and our usual behaviour… in a way that shocked us!

After this explanation, I was so satisfied with my cheap new bracelet, which resumed so well my personality and which predicted me also some good things that I felt the strong need to share it… maybe is just a coincidence, but I honestly don’t believe at all in coincidences! She pictured so well and so detailed portrait of me and my friend, even assuming to real past events of our personal lives, that she couldn’t deduce from nothing… so I do believe Mariangela’s bracelets are magic!

I wish her a big fortune, lot of peace and happiness… I think she deserve that, even if just for her committment, passion and dedication she puts into her new project! So, good luck Mariangela!

Here’s Mariangela and her’s bracelets



My friend bracelet:






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