Seduction course needed…

I’ve promised my self to put everything in here (for my future memories) and I will do it… even it could be embarrassing!

I do believe I really need a “seduction course”, but I’d better explain myself…
I’ve never had problems to conquer a man, but it was a strange combination of coincidences and was not thanks to my seductive qualities.. I recognise it!

I was just enough lucky to be not ugly and averagely considered “nice to talk with” that’s my luck, because I really suck at seducing men, I just can’t, if I really like someone my reaction is the opposite (I know, I didn’t grew up on this), I avoid the person I like gaze, I try not to talk or even be near to him… so there’s basically no way, if he won’t do some move, I’ll never conquer him!

So far this was enough for me, it happens that every time I really liked someone he did the move and then I got lucky, but I’ve always feel this lack!

Because I’m too impulsive and transparent, they all knew my feelings the moment I felt them, they always knew my thought the minute I thought it, I was no mystery at all… there was no strategy, just spontaneously living my feelings…

I’ve always been the kind of spontaneous person who will always say what I think the minute I think it, because I hate lies and deceitfulness… but now I feel that a bit of mystery and maybe also some seductive tactics could be useful to preserve me from being hurt, I don’t want to radically change myself, I just want to have some skill more to use it as a defensive weapon… just in case!



2 thoughts on “Seduction course needed…

  1. Hi there, just to be clear, are you asking your readers for advice on how to be more seductive or where you can learn this?

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