Previous life…

I don’t think of me as a “believer”, I’m more spiritual than a believer, it was never my prominent characteristic to be a believer, at least, not in things such as religion or similar, but I do strongly believe in many principles, such as love, truth above all, respect for life and for others! I firmly believe that nature and the universe are the perfect entities that most dogmas describe with the word “God”… although there are theories that always make me curious and stimulate my imagination … such as reincarnation!

I’ve always been fascinated by these theories, I’m not sure I can say I believe in reincarnation, such as I’m not sure I can’t say I don’t believe in it!

I’ve always felt that there is something more, something we still miss as “concept”, is like an ancestor feeling that comes out in hard times, during challenging situations, someone call it “survival instinct”, someone call it destiny, it doesn’t really matter the label you classify it, but I do think is something that every one of us has, and there is a reason we had it, there has to be an explanation in us having this “intuitions”! They often are coming out from nowhere, we don’t have reason to connect these intuitions to anything that has to do with our life, but still we had that and often we had that in a very decisive moment, where this intuition was most valuable and is like this intuition lead us on our path…

I’ve always wondered if this was “karma“, if it really exists and if it really was behind a common thread, something that one day, when this cycle will be over, will have a purpose, a meaning and if it is so… who established this path?

One of the answer I like most on this answer Is that we are this “entity” who established before all our lives, all our path, to challenge us, to test us, to improve us as just “being” or “entities“, to become better, to become enlightened… So that basically what happened in our life is something we previously choose to test our own self!



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