Challenges and changes

There are things that sometimes in life you have to try, even if not always seem like a good idea at all! But you have to try it in order to figure out if it fits for you, to understand if it is right thing for you, if it’s what you are looking for…
Now I am at that stage in life where I’m testing me and what’s around me and I’m trying to figure out what is good for me, because what I’m looking for roughly, I know, but I do not know if and where I will find it… and what I thought before I wanted, is happened to not be anymore what I want now and what I expect to find at the time is not what I want now!

If you don’t test yourself out, you won’t know your weakness and your strenght, you won’t find out where you’ll be able to improve and become better… so take it from someone who always lived, till some months ago, hating challenges and changes: welcome every challenge and change, because it’s the only way to improve your self and become a better person! Is not staying in your comfort zone you’ll learn and you’ll grown!


One thought on “Challenges and changes

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