Merry days!

Even if I’m grown as a catholic, I feel a spirituality, but I’m not catholic at all, but this is a topic for maybe another post someday!

I always get caught by the Christmas atmosphere, and not for the consumerist side of it, but by the spirit… because it seems so positively impressive and contagious that everyone feels more compassionate, more concerned by others these days more than ever!

So, here’s my wish… I would like that everyone could feel this feeling towards others all the year… it is so pointless be always angry with others, we are all in the same planet and deep down we all want the same thing: live our lives in peace!!! When we gonna get that?!

Ok, enough… hope you will spend great days where ever you’ll be and which ever you’re believes are, it’s always good time to have a good wish!

Love to all of you and your beloved ones!

Merry Christmas


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