Lessons learned in 2012

This 2012 was really challenging for me, so, here’s my list of lessons learned (random order):

  1. never take anything for granted,
  2. never say never… (oops!)
  3. the only person who will always be there for you, is yourself, so is better take a good care of yourself!
  4. life can change in every minute, for worse or for better, so don’t pontificate on future, you’ll never know what it has in store for you!
  5. in every experience there is something good and something bad, but is really priority for our grown to take the best from every experience we live…
  6. people are simply people, not the “role” they are playing in your life (such as mother, father, husband and so on…),
  7. if you feel panic, or you’re losing the way, come back to your breath, is a very effective way of calm your mind and see clearly everything!
  8. don’t have expectations on other people you have no clue what is going on with them and be surprised is a really good thing!
  9. it is possible that true friendship can last much longer even than true love…
  10. never stop to be curious, never stop to dream, never stop to desire, never stop to live fully… so far you know, this is the only life you have, make it worths!

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