Daily Prompt: Stroke of Midnight

I know I’m late, but yesterday’s daily prompt was something I really want to wrote about…

Where were you last night when 2012 turned into 2013? Is that where you’d wanted to be?

So, it was a while that with my friends we were thinking to celebrate this New Year’s Eve abroad and we were looking for some last-minute offers ‘the cheaper the merrier’ to celebrate it outside our Country! And… never lose hopes, here we were! On Friday evening we found a cheap offer and the next morning we left, loads and carefree, leaving behind everything, but also taking it with us, because this year, with all his teachings, is the father of these moments, with no yesterday we would not be where we are today… and yes, today is where and how I want to be!

Is not a real matter of where geographically, we spend it in Salzburg which is a very nice city btw, but is where you are as a human being and who you’re with.. and I was with some of my best friends and I couldn’t care less where or what we were doing on New Year’s Eve, I was with them, my party was just started!

So, my New Year’s Eve begun with one of the milestones I learned in 2012:  friendship is the best feeling in the world!

Hope you all as well have spent a wonderful New Year’s Eve, love y’all!


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