Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

This post is inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures, this is my share:

  • my first time ever to a Japanese restaurant… and then was love!


  • a relaxing moment in my very first own house… (yes, the one I’ll have to sell to my ex!)


  • games with our gorgeous neighbors…


  • all our dinners “female only” with my girlFriends…


  • trips and week ends out when I still was engaged…



  • elevate the mind and culture: The Eumenides by Aeschylus an itinerant show in a German Military Cemetery…  with my dad!


  • some of my alone moments: reading, relaxing, sun bathing and of course swimming!


  • a shopping session with my friend, both “freshly singles” but we didn’t buy this t-shirt!


  • some of my alone moments: cool places found just round the corner…


  • here is my gift to me for my birthday: it means a lot, for the timing I bought it, for where, with who I was and mostly for what it means to me…


  • my first time as “solo traveller”… searching for my Abhaland…


  • one special night…


  • all my walking moments… legs on motion, thoughts spinning round and music on?! what could someone desire more!?


  • I could say that in 2012 I discovered once again the sky, I used to watch it a lot, but I’ve lost this habit for so long… now I’ve got it back!


  • Here is my third “stucker cow”, now is gone and the exciting thing is that I let him and I didn’t look back with regrets…


  • cooking moments with one of my best friend…


  • My “it can’t be real, these things happen just in movies or books” evening.. and yes, that evening was perfect, then came back reality!

Foto 01-09-12 23 25 19

  • a relaxing moment with my wonderful colleagues and bosses, before summer break…


  • a relaxing moment with friends, just chilling, laughing and talking… life sometimes is perfect in its simplicity!


  • my personal “wooden challenge”, try to take a wooden stick and transform it into a perfect ball… my result was the red one, it took me ages!!! btw sharing with a friend the built of something like that allows you to enjoy some truly special moments!



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