Daily Prompt: My Favorite

Today I’m in timeeeeeee!!!!! Yeahhhhh!!!
Ok, since I catch in time the daily prompt and it was something that shakes me, I just wanted to share it!

What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it.

I have to say it, as soon as I read it I was kind of perplexed, I didn’t know what to say because of course I though: my favorites are my family and my friends… but I was feeling like, it wasn’t true, not now, because of this last months, my personal grown and my inner path, lead me to understand I’m the first in line, so it wasn’t the complete truth… of course my friends and my family are the most important thing in my life, just… after me! I don’t think is egoism, is just honesty and pragmatism, because if you don’t love enough yourself, you can’t love anyone else as purely and honestly as they deserve…

So, my most time spent without my favorite person, which should be quite clear by now it was me, was in a non-better defined period between the 2011 and the very start of 2012, while I was depressed.

I didn’t make ​​good account at the time and probably it wasn’t a “severe” depression, but it was and I understood clearly only when I started to get out of it… The feeling, the most destabilizing of all this, when I realized I had started to get out of depression, was the nostalgia of me!

Find myself again, without even knowing that I was lost, to find out again who I was, even if different: fortified by experiences, life, everything that I had experienced, consciously and unconsciously…

All this touched me deeply, I was as happy as if I had won the lottery and I felt something that I had never felt before, one thing that for those who are highly insecure is a novelty… I felt a great affection for myself, I realized that I loved me, that I missed me and that I would never have missed me again… and a strange thing is that this thought: that I would never be alone, that I would always have been me, as long as I had not allowed myself to get lost again… gave me and continues to give me a great strength and serenity.. from my hearth I wish you all to feel these feelings for yourself!



4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: My Favorite

  1. This is really thought provoking…..I think victims/survivors of crimes, abuse, accidents….we/they are also people who lose themselves. I’m glad you are no longer lost. It is a wonderful thing for find yourself after being “away”!

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