Daily Prompt: Teacher’s Pet

Today daily prompt really remind me of really nice time, when I was just a girl in high school… life was maybe much simpler but surely less real than now so, even if I have nice memories of that time, I won’t ever go back again, I much prefer myself now!

Tell us about a teacher who had a real impact on your life, either for the better or the worse. How is your life different today because of him or her?

As soon as I read it my mind was back in high school with my wonderful teacher of literature… She was a wonderful woman who has an incredible passion in everything she did, especially for literature and arts… Through her I learned what passion for literature was, she had a different way to teach and she had a very personal approach to her students, she could make you feel how big was a sculpture, a paint or a poem, she could make you feel as passionate as you were there when the artist created, composed, sculpted or painted it…

She taught me to appreciate mankind for its true authenticity and originality but mostly for the genius of some individuals, one of the few things that make me believe that man is a wonderful being capable of create works of high greatness!

When was inspired by a work of any great artist by the past, she showed us a world which we almost didn’t even seem was real at all! She taught us with the passion of who see aspects of things that you would never have suspected there were behind… I feel privileged to have been her student and I hope I have learned as much as possible of the valuable lessons she gave us.

She was very sweet but also very lonely woman. When she was young she was deeply in love with a man who loved her madly too, she was going to marry him… however, a step away from the altar, fate has divided them, because unfortunately he passed away shortly before the wedding!

From that time on she was always alone, in the knowledge that she would never loved anyone so deeply and so truly such as him. Even if she was surrounded by so many people who appreciated the wonderful and fantastic woman she was… she was alone, without that special love of her soul mate!

So far, I don’t know what happened her, but in my heart she’s still strong and present and every time she comes to my mind, follows all the important things he said to me during a very critical period of growth adolescence! She certainly has left an indelible mark and contributed to the person I am now, which I’m thankful to be…


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