Daily Prompt: Ready, Set Go

A challenging daily prompt today:

Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish. 

It is from yesterday evening that I’m thinking about this… as every Wednesday I did my meditation class, sharing with the sangha this special experience!
People who I do meditation with every Wednesday, are barely strangers to me (except for one person I’m getting to know more), but they are also the only ones with whom I can share the emotions it gives me this aspect of my life, because… unfortunately, none of my friends is nor practice yoga nor meditation…
Share these moments with people who are almost “alien” after all, it is very strange, because when you enter in the meditation room, you can feel all their breath in yours… In fact, my perception is that when we cross the threshold of the meditation hall, we all become one, a sort of single lung breathing in sync and this, I can perceive it both in the “perfect” sessions in which the breath of all of us is very light, broken only occasionally by the vibrations of the bell which will guttural sounds in our chests, either when someone starts to un-focus, get impatient, maybe starts to move or breathing heavily, coughing and so on…
This starts to turn the loss of concentration of all of us who, without saying with criticism, it is wonderful because, again, emphasizes that it is as if we were an “entity” only: it’s every one or no one! If one loses concentration, the others follow him and lose it too, but if he finds the perfect balance, then all again will follow him in this serene harmony…
So share these experiences with someone, not necessarily every time important experiences, things, intimate or deep, but just sharing these moments, that jokes, the breath, the experiences of each of the enrichments, the lessons learned … I think this connect a lot, I think it is important to share but I understand that anyone who has never tried it, face with difficulty to understand the enthusiasm behind it…
I’d love to be able to extend this sharing to all people who are important in my life… wait, who’s preventing me? ok, I just decided that from now on I will share it with my closest people!

just few seconds left… right in time to set title and link 😉


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