Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

Amazing theme for this week: “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home“. I suggest all of you to join! 😉


“Some of my close friends in my old home” picture taken by someone (I’m in the pic but I can’t remember who!) in my ex home (near by Florence – Italy) in May 2009 

For respect and privacy reasons I can’t upload clear images of my friends, but the sense of this picture is that, like never before, I understood that is not just simple words “home is where your heart is” but is something I have experienced when I’ve lost one of my dreams: the home I bought with the man I used to love!

Let me explain… House is just bricks and cement, but “home” to me is something else, home is something that makes you feel safe and comfortable, that just gives you the feeling that there is someone who cares for you, who is right there to protect you when you need to get back inside because the weather is not good anymore and you strongly feel the need to be protected and to feel safe…

My friends give me this feeling, even without doing or saying anything, just being there, they already showed me through years that, no matter what, they will be there and that’s the most precious gift I feel I’ve received in life, because you can have all the money, all the health (I’m not saying is not important, it is!!) of the world, but human beings are made to share and share life with people you evaluate, who cares for you and which you’re proud even just to saying you know them… is a gift I everyday feel blessed to have!

Then there are places where I feel home more than anywhere else… maybe in this case is because I feel near to my childhood when everything was a lot easier, or maybe because I feel near to the roots of a part of my family…
Here is one spot near by my grandparent’s home (one of my magic recharging place, where I usually experience peace):


that’s the view from the bench, picture taken by me last August: IMG_1470


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