Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

This post is in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward.

Since when I do my walks I always have my phone in one hand to take pictures, I often unwittingly shoot pictures even when I don’t want to… So the two pictures below are two of these cases, but both have a deeper meaning for me than a shot by mistake…


accidentally taken by me the first time I went to my “Abhaland” to plan my moving there… – London (United Kingdom) – Picture taken by me September 2012


 accidentally taken by me during a “discovering” walk near by the historical centre of my hometown: Florence (Italy)  October 2012 

To me “forward” has become a dear word lately, last year my “seems to be perfect life” has changed forever I lost all my references point and I was lost!

Going forward seemed to be impossible, but even if I had to destroyed myself before, then I understood that is so important to move forward anyway…
Although it is not easy to see it immediately, no matter what happens to us, we can still draw lessons and get benefit for ourselves even in difficult moments… but above all, I knew and found out that everything you have (or believed to have)  is not important as yourself! You can lose everything but there is no one in the world that could ever take away the most important thing you got from you, except you… So feel safe for this “unbreakable from outside” part you got and go ahead!
It is a “duty” we owe to ourselves but also a pleasure because life, although it’s not always “rainbows and unicorns”,
is wonderful and we have to be willing to give us day by day discover all the new experiences that are round the corner waiting for us to move a step forward!

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

  1. You have some really great thoughts on the theme “forward.” Thank you for sharing them.

    I know the feeling of accidentally taking a photo with your phone. It’s great you were able to find use for them.

  2. That’s a lovely post! And I really like those photos. I like the fact that they aren’t “planned” but accidental and so appropriate for this Challenge. Such a positive and optimistic post. You are absolutely right. 🙂

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