Daily Prompt: Competition

Today’s daily prompt is on a difficult topic for me…

What activity, task, or game most brings out your competitive streak?

I don’t have a competitive streak, not at all, when it comes I have to confront my skills with others and fight to be the best one, I don’t fight! I just don’t like to fight even if it is in a positive and stimulating way, I give up!

It is something that is in me from forever, maybe it is because I’m an insecure, maybe it is because I don’t feel so good in doing something, I feel I’m “quite ok” in doing some of the things I’ve learned “how to”, but there’s nothing I know how to do, which I feel safe to say “I’m good at” to pose myself in a challenge… Even the challenges on blogs, I’m happy to participate because they actually are no challenging at all…

But… there is a but.. one of the things I love most and I so often do is to be competitive and challenging with me! The most hard battles I’ve won and lost are the ones with myself!

I do love to push myself to the limit and test me out, I do that even unconsciously, but I do that every time and is something I like because I feel it makes me grow and become a better person every time and it gives me the idea to getting to know me to a deeper level…

Know yourself, as every experience in life is something you can live to several levels and it’s quite easy actually to know your soul just by defining yourself saying what you do and you don’t love… but “who you are” is something different, is something deeper and something you can barely see in challenging situations!

So… as along as the competition is with myself everything brings out my competitive streak in the hardest way!


16 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Competition

  1. Question, I really like you Theme. Is this one of those free ones or Custom Themes. I’m still trying to “look” around how I can improve the Theme I’m using. Thanks.

  2. yes, is one of the free ones “Chateau by Ignacio Ricci” I’m not that good at this but I can tell you my approach: I try to change and manage from the dashboard – appearance, sometimes I try to improve the “look” of the blog just trying different new settings, widget, background, etc and check the lay out, if I like it I keep it… so it’s a learning-by-doing approach, I’m not that great with websites!

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