Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

This post is inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape:


“My personal escape” picture taken by me in Taupo (New Zealand)  April 29th, 2013

This response to the challenge this time deserve an explanation!
Last april I fulfilled my biggest dream in life, I visited the Country for which I would have died to visit: New Zealand!
I will dedicate a session to this trip, because it was so special and intense which deserve an accurate tale about.
But this was either my dream and my personal “escape”… it was an intense year the last one, I needed some time alone and to take a step back from everything!
It was a sweet escape though, even if I’ve taken a plane to cross half of the globe alone, which I’m so glad I did it, even if I was determined to stay most of the time alone, this was the best month of my entire life… I was walking in my dream, away from my problems…it was my escape!
But sometimes, when you take a step back, you’re more able to see rationally, to see things for what they are and when you’re able to realize that life is a fluid, we can always change, we can always adapt based on different conditions and that life, even if puts us through difficulties, gives us even always something to work for… be someone better!
One of my focus on this trip was to be alone and discover myself back, I felt like I was running from me since a long time… it was time to get me back! In this picture I was spending my day with a mountain bike in a gorgeous park, gorgeous place and I suddenly discover myself back… that’s where my escape from myself ended.


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