Daily Prompt: Say Your Name

This daily prompt suits me indeed! Today’s Daily Prompt: Say Your Name:

Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?

Photographers, show us  YOU. 

When I created this blog, last October, I did it staying anonymous on purpose, I was thinking that I would have felt more freely of writing, also on really personal topics, which I did, somewhere… along the way… but that wasn’t me, that was my need of that moment, a difficult moment, where I did felt exposed and weak and my need of protection was strong… so, that choice did seem the only one to me at that time, now something as changed, I feel stronger and most of all I feel more connected to myself and for sure hiding is not something which normally reside in my inner nature!

There is something about my name in the phrase of Talkerhuge’s blog: “Compendium of travel by a Rushprincess on one hundred and eight oceans aiming to reach Abhaland…” (I’ve explain the meaning of it in reply to a comment in the About page)

I’ve used “Rush-princess” not because I feel as a “princess”, quite another thing, just because my birth name is SARA and in arabic means “princess” and I’m often in rush… but I’m getting better!

So my first name is Sara, my parents had different names in mind, but my maternal grandmother suggests “Sara” because of a girl she knew back than, I’ve never knew anything about her, unless she seems to be sunny and nice girl…

I’ve spent all my childhood not liking my name, not for me at least, any particular reason I think, just I didn’t feel it suitable for me, but honestly I’ve to say I’ve never heard a name which I felt comfortable with… now I know it was a different problem, nothing related with a name, but now I can safely say I’ve nothing against my name, I still not a huge fan, but I don’t mind it, I’m just used to it maybe and honestly care not that much about which one is… a word others know me for won’t change who I am… after all is not my name the thing which defines me!

So I won’t need to rename myself… and, since I’m not a photographer, but I do like taking pictures, even if I’m not my favourite subject, but I’m quite used to selfshot, that’s me:

IMG_3770Nice to meet you all… my name is Sara!

aka Talkerhuge 🙂


13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Say Your Name

  1. I always liked my name “emilie”, it is a french name and loosely translated it means no one can rival me. I also think we all grow into our names like we do our personality. Don’t change you name, become you name.

  2. Beautiful Sara. Like my name has a meaning . . . so does yours. Embrace it & it eventually suits you. It becomes you so much that people couldn’t imagine you being named anything else. They’ll meet/see you and say “She looks like a Sara”.

    Thanks for the follow.

  3. Love this, I hated my name growing up, it’s Welsh and practically impossible to pronounce correctly on your first try. I prefer my middle name, even once I have altered that.
    Also, LOVE the scenery. Where are you? 🙂 xox

  4. Hi Sara. I know what you mean by remaining anonymous. That was my idea as well, but at my age, it does not really present any problem. And now I have left my mark on the blogging world. I would have liked to be known as Charlotte Bronte, but someone got their first.

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