I died an year ago…

but I’ve come back more alive than ever!

Last year, today, one of my worst nightmare became true: losing my boyfriend’s love! I know… it sounds quite pathetic even to me now, but then… I was totally and desperately in “love” with him and my number one nightmare was to lose him… and precisely a year ago, my nightmare became true.

Back then, I didn’t have realized I was already in an even worst nightmare, I had already lost the person I shouldn’t have: me!

It’s quite difficult to summarize this year gone by, which has been the most important, the most difficult and not just for the broke up, let’s say that I had to face many of my worst fears, but some way I made it through… finding my self again, falling, standing up again, falling again and keep on raising… this was the more educational and happy year of my life, all included, even the pain!

I’d happily die again, to get where I am today!

I’m glad for every little deviation my path has taken, I’ve never felt more connected with me, with who I am, than now, here! Is not simple, this is not the easy way, but for sure, is the more honest one, honest with others and honest with myself!

So I’m glad I died last year and today I celebrate my funeral but mostly today I celebrate my second birthday!

Happy Birthday to me!

Make a wish…

foto 3_ok


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