Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

Chapter one

“Beginning a new life” picture taken by me during my flight to New Zealand – April 2013


I took this picture during my flight to New Zealand. I bought “Shantaram” few weeks before the flight, some friends spoken me about this book and I was so curios to read it that I almost couldn’t resist. But I was determined to read it during my journey, so I finally started the book during my flight from Rome to Auckland…. I did had time ahead! But truth is… I’ve never read that much about it, and not because I didn’t like it, but just because I was so excited and focused on the present moment that I didn’t wanted to be taken away from it. So I leave the book in my backpack and I lived the moment, every moment, just focusing on what I felt, perceived and experienced.
Finally doing this trip, has been the achievement of bigger dream of my life. I did it after a very hard period of my life, full of changes, difficulties and a questioning deeply myself. This was my first solo travel and definitely a milestone in my personal growth and new life beginning.
So finally… that journey was the exact moment when my real life began!


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