It’s very difficult talk about who you really are without talking about what you like… maybe it’s easier to understand something about who I really am, more from what I write, rather than this brief presentation of what I like!

But, here we are: I love music, dancing, sports, and most of all I love travel and nature. I do love and deeply respect people I call friends and family.

I love life and I’m a positive person, I love to discover others cultures by travelling or other prospectives and ways of living life, it can enrich my personality and make me a better person!

I think that there are some special people out there and I’m honored to already know some of them, my family and friends… but I think that every good person you meet, can make your life better at several levels!

So basically I’m a life lover and travel addict…

Something more practical… I live in my native Country: Italy, more precisely in Florence for the moment, but I intend to move as soon as possible abroad, to reach my Abhaland!


18 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice to meet you! Maybe everyone else knows this, but what is Abhaland? I thought it was maybe just some mythical land, but I can’t find anything about it. Maybe it’s just YOUR mythical land?? I’d be happy to stay right in Florence!! I’ve never even yet been to Italy in all my travels. 🙂 Thanks for your comment on my “green” post.

    • Hi Cat, nice to meet you! 😉
      You’re right and I guess no one could know what “Abhaland” means!

      Let me explain this… as soon as I like to create unique terms and I like to play with words and letters “Abhaland” is a composition of two words!
      ABHA” आभा which is a word that derives from classical Sanskrit and appears to be a commonly used in India meaning “glow“… In India Abha is also a given name for girls that means “splendour” and “shine“…
      and “Land” is just the english word to indicate soil, ground, nation, country.
      So basically “Abhaland” is my personal way to say “shine land“!

      When I’ve created “Talkerhuge” this phrase was, and still is, the summary of Talkerhuge blog purpose:
      Compendium of travel by a Rushprincess on one hundred and eight oceans aiming to reach Abhaland…
      Rushprincess is because I’m always in rush (but I’m working on this!) and princess is not because I feel as a princess, but just because my birthname in arabic means “princess” and finally 108 is considered a sacred number in yoga which is one of my passions!
      And oceans… is a metaphore for life and of course because I love water!

      I hope my explanations was clear… thanks for the question, it has given me the occasion to explain what I actually didn’t! 😉

      • Great explanation! I am fascinated by the origins of a word or expression and love how you put together the name for your Splendorous destiny! Grecolatin ethymologies was one of my favorite subjects in highschool, however, with your explanation I am now intrigued by Indian word origins… Thank you, Alexandra…btw, thanks for the follow and I took it as an invitation to come and visit your blog 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog! I would say that you are a “life addict”..which is very good and exciting..I am sure that your dreams will come true..on a continent or another..will be here reading about your thoughts , experiences and desires..
    Best regards, Octavian

  3. Hi there! Thanks so much for following my blog and liking my most recent post, “The Impossible Ends When Faith Begins!”

    I keep running across bloggers from Europe, you included, and it just makes me miss it that much more every time I read stories or see pictures of it. Maybe it’s a sign: I should go back and visit. I LOVED Italy and we actually drove through Florence several years ago. Such a beautiful country! I didn’t want to leave!

    Until next time – be blessed! – J.C.

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