Daily Prompt: Say Your Name

This daily prompt suits me indeed! Today’s Daily Prompt: Say Your Name:

Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?

Photographers, show us  YOU. 

When I created this blog, last October, I did it staying anonymous on purpose, I was thinking that I would have felt more freely of writing, also on really personal topics, which I did, somewhere… along the way… but that wasn’t me, that was my need of that moment, a difficult moment, where I did felt exposed and weak and my need of protection was strong… so, that choice did seem the only one to me at that time, now something as changed, I feel stronger and most of all I feel more connected to myself and for sure hiding is not something which normally reside in my inner nature!

There is something about my name in the phrase of Talkerhuge’s blog: “Compendium of travel by a Rushprincess on one hundred and eight oceans aiming to reach Abhaland…” (I’ve explain the meaning of it in reply to a comment in the About page)

I’ve used “Rush-princess” not because I feel as a “princess”, quite another thing, just because my birth name is SARA and in arabic means “princess” and I’m often in rush… but I’m getting better!

So my first name is Sara, my parents had different names in mind, but my maternal grandmother suggests “Sara” because of a girl she knew back than, I’ve never knew anything about her, unless she seems to be sunny and nice girl…

I’ve spent all my childhood not liking my name, not for me at least, any particular reason I think, just I didn’t feel it suitable for me, but honestly I’ve to say I’ve never heard a name which I felt comfortable with… now I know it was a different problem, nothing related with a name, but now I can safely say I’ve nothing against my name, I still not a huge fan, but I don’t mind it, I’m just used to it maybe and honestly care not that much about which one is… a word others know me for won’t change who I am… after all is not my name the thing which defines me!

So I won’t need to rename myself… and, since I’m not a photographer, but I do like taking pictures, even if I’m not my favourite subject, but I’m quite used to selfshot, that’s me:

IMG_3770Nice to meet you all… my name is Sara!

aka Talkerhuge 🙂


Daily Prompt: Elevator

Can’t resist to reply to this daily prompt today, I’ve decided to test myself in writing, so this will be an appropriate “challenge”:

Fiction writers: You’re stuck in an elevator with an intriguing stranger. Write this scene.

I’m not a writer, at all, but I love to write, so I’ll challenge myself with this one!


Elevator scene

Modern elevator, as the rest of the building, steel, neon light, sterile space…

Lights go out, for a moment, seems a bit longer, but is just a moment…

Intermittence lightings, just for a while more, a bit…

Here has come back the neon light, aseptic, cold, impersonal…

I look better.. I focus… there’s someone… I was quite sure there was no one before, I think… “as always I’m too distracted to even notice people around me”… I disagree with myself for this, even for this!

She is leaning against the wall of the elevator, behind me, I looked at her in passing, but I immediately divert the gaze, there was something which embarrassed me when I briefly look at her, something that made ​​me feel uncomfortable… Her laconic smile, her magnetic gaze… I’m not sure, but there was something strange… in her face, I would like to look again, but I do not have the courage… something change, I can feel her eyes on my back, the tension suddenly grows, I feel electricity, I feel even more uncomfortable, I cannot stand still… I shift my weight from one leg to the other and… inexplicably, the elevator stops! It pull up… abruptly… I bounce!

Breathe gently.. if it stopped, it doesn’t mean it will stay still forever” a wry smile accompanies her words… there is something, even in his voice that intrigues me, it destabilizes me, even scares me a bit… now I can take a longer look… she is calm, relaxed, as nothing could possibly ever scares her, nothing… She has a beautiful face, oval, long, soft curly hair longer than the shoulders, but of an indeterminate color, browns, her face is not of an ordinary beauty, is even marked, but it is a fascinating one, the classic face of the person from whom you expect stories of an amazing life…

Ok, I’m starring, I need to say something… “How can you be so relaxed?” I ask her almost angry.
She smiles at me, like a mother with a baby… “Why do I have to panic, there is nothing I can do to change this situation, if we will panic, we only consume before the air.” Ok now I feel panic… “I suffer from claustrophobia” I feel obliged to let her know… “I know, that’s why I told you to breathe gently before!” and she smiles again with the typical expression of an adult replying something obvious to a child.

I know“… how could she possibly know something from me? This is the first time ever I see her, maybe she was in the elevator too someday I was talking about this with someone and I didn’t notice her… wait I’ve never talk about this with anyone in this building… ok, don’t try always to dig and understand everything, she must have heard it somewhere!

I’ve never, is just I know you” her voice now is different, more profound, but softer,  I’m trying to give a sense to these words, but mostly to the fact that she just has replied to one of my thoughts… “how” “why” “what” “it’s impossible!” my thoughts are spinning round, running into every direction, no roads are credible, but they just keep trying and spinning round… “there are things that happen, whether you believe it or not” her second reply…

Intermittence lightings, just for a while more, a bit…

Lights go out, for a moment, seems a bit longer, but is just a moment…

Here has come back the neon light, aseptic, cold, impersonal…

She’s gone…

I look better.. I focus… there’s no one…

I was quite sure there was someone before… a girl… she could read my thoughts… she told me she knew me… 

I think… “as always I’m so stressed out to even have hallucinations and make up weird stories”… I disagree with myself for this, even for this!

Modern elevator, as the rest of the building, steel, neon light, sterile space…


Daily Prompt: Competition

Today’s daily prompt is on a difficult topic for me…

What activity, task, or game most brings out your competitive streak?

I don’t have a competitive streak, not at all, when it comes I have to confront my skills with others and fight to be the best one, I don’t fight! I just don’t like to fight even if it is in a positive and stimulating way, I give up!

It is something that is in me from forever, maybe it is because I’m an insecure, maybe it is because I don’t feel so good in doing something, I feel I’m “quite ok” in doing some of the things I’ve learned “how to”, but there’s nothing I know how to do, which I feel safe to say “I’m good at” to pose myself in a challenge… Even the challenges on blogs, I’m happy to participate because they actually are no challenging at all…

But… there is a but.. one of the things I love most and I so often do is to be competitive and challenging with me! The most hard battles I’ve won and lost are the ones with myself!

I do love to push myself to the limit and test me out, I do that even unconsciously, but I do that every time and is something I like because I feel it makes me grow and become a better person every time and it gives me the idea to getting to know me to a deeper level…

Know yourself, as every experience in life is something you can live to several levels and it’s quite easy actually to know your soul just by defining yourself saying what you do and you don’t love… but “who you are” is something different, is something deeper and something you can barely see in challenging situations!

So… as along as the competition is with myself everything brings out my competitive streak in the hardest way!

Daily Prompt: 180 Degrees

Ok, I was really unsecure on this daily prompt …

Tell us about a time you did a 180 — changed your views on something, reversed a decision, or acted in a way you ordinarily don’t.

There are a lots of changing going on during this last year in my life, my beliefs and my approach to life, decisions, view on something… all these things are changed, but I guess the most significative one, has been my approach to “changes” itself!
For a really long time, I’ve been really insecure, I’m still a huge insecure sometimes, but I’m not blocked anymore…

Lately my insecurity didn’t allowed me to live fully my life, because I was scared by everything, every single change of my “apparently” perfect routine and status quo was a  terrible curse and I was so determined to not stumble upon any changes… but life has its course and you cannot prevent “life” to happen… if you do it, you’re not living at all!!
This was my case… I wasn’t living at all! I was so convinced and determined that “changes” are bad and instead “routine” was good and safe that I was scared even to bring myself in discussion… and live my life!

I was determined not to see what was happening around and mostly inside me, because there was a change I could sense it, but I didn’t want my status quo was shaken by any change because I felt safe and sure (good) on how to move in my routine, I did know what to expect, how to cope, how to “survive” while all was unknown and unsure (bad) in the change and didn’t had a clue on what could be happen… frankly scared the hell out of me!

During these months my vision on this has completely changed, it has been part of my personal growth and I’m still processing it, but for me now changes are exciting, I’m not  anxious about changes no more, but the most appropriate adjective on my approach to changes is “curious“!
I’m curious about what life has preserved for me and most of all I’m curious, as if I would be a Scientist, about which my reaction and capacity to adapt and find again my balance all by myself will be during the changing!

So I think it’s safe to say this is a 180 degree change for me, my approach to changes and even my life has changed, I can say in a better way! Finally it appears that changes could be a source for good too… it all depends on which side of the medal you decide to look!
Now I’m more calm and aware and before all this I know the path is still long and I’ll have to walk all my life on and on and I’m excited and curious about where my path will lead me, but I’m more curious and excited about the journey I’ll live!

Daily Prompt: “…because if you haven’t tried, then you haven’t lived”

Like other bloggers I wasn’t going to do today’s daily prompt because I have tons of favourites movies, cannot pick one… really, cannot!

But here’s a quote from one my “really liked” ones “Meet Joe Black”.. I know is a cliché! A romantic girlie movie, normally I wouldn’t have picked this one, but I’ve picked it because these days I was thinking a lot about “real love” which is something well described in this quote from the movie:

“Love is passion. Obsession. Someone you can’t live without. Someone you fall head over heels for. Find someone you can love like crazy, and will love you the same way back. Listen to your heart. No sense in life without this. To make the journey without falling deeply in love, you haven’t lived a life at all. You have to try, because if you haven’t tried, then you haven’t lived”

Well.. that’s one of my greatest dilemma in life!

As a chronic romantic I would love to believe it is possible, every fiber of my body wants to believe it, but here’s my rational part stopping by just to remind me it isn’t possible and everything is unstable and that there is nothing that last FOREVER in life, hardly relationships nowadays!

Today I still don’t have my answer to this and I’m not sure I’ll have it, but when my romantic and believer side take advantage on the other one, I like to think that LOVE has to be this way, total and devastating, otherwise is not real love… it’s all or nothing… always!


As soon as one of my really favourite movie, more than this actually is Fight Club and I’ve just read this really nice daily prompt about this movie by Fish of Gold, I suggest you to stop by and read it!

Daily Prompt: Playlist of the Week

Can’t resist to reply to this daily prompt today, this was an important week, it seemed right to me to close the circle with this appropriate “challenge”:

Tell us how your week went by putting together a playlist of  five songs that represent it.

So here we are… 😉

1 – The man I’m gonna be – Bobby Brown 

I pick this song because this week my ex boyfriend apologized for the suffering he given me, it has been something unexpected but mostly my reaction because inside me, the only thought I’ve had, was that I’m honestly glad for that suffering… “yes, I’ve lost you, but I’ve won me back” and that’s the most incredible thing that happened to me!
Every day more I realize that, no matter how hard life can hit you, but it is a vital duty to ourselves, to take what happens and use it to grown, to get stronger and mostly to become a better person!
I know this song is a bit different and is dedicated to Bobby Brown’s mom, but I feel empathy with this song because I think is about learning from our mistakes and want to become someone better so the words of this song that best reminds me of this are “it took me finally losing you for me to finally see, that you were the best thing this crazy life has given to me” (if I get correctly the lyrics!) which screams inside my head that I will not ever allow myself, to lose me again!

2 – Cover Bob Marley’s High tide or low tide performed by Ben Harper and Jack Johnson 

Ok, I love them, Bob, Ben and Jack… so if you put them together, you’re quite near to perfection to me! Anyway this song is great, and is related to this week (as every other luckily) because my friends are superb and they show me what “real friendship” means every day… so, once again my mutual dedication to them is nicely expressed in these words: “In high seas or in low seas, I’m gonna be your friend, I’m gonna be your friend, in high tide or in low tide, I’ll be by your side

3 – Unity – Shinedown

I like so much this song and in this video… I love the moment just before they get on the stage “we will not fall because we have each other, we will not fall because we have love, we will not fall because we will rise above, we will not fall because” and the words in the lyrics I love are “they say it’s never too late to stop being afraid, and there is no one else here, so why should I wait? And in the blink of an eye the past begins to fade… So have you ever been caught in a sea of despair? And your moment of truth is the day that you say: I’m not scared” I think this song represent and mix perfectly these two above mentioned aspects of my week: turning the page/stop being scared and chained to past and the importance of friendship in life!

4 – Tonight – Seether

I really like this song and it was really appropriate in particular to one evening I spent this week, a really special night: unexpected, spontaneous, unconventional but mostly so full of emotions, the words that really remind me of this evening are: “I feel so alive tonight.. you got me feeling sublime, I wanna yell it from the rooftop down, until it’s over and we’re older” what happened in this evening I think will be in another post so I don’t want to anticipate…

5 – Pride And Joy – Stevie Ray Vaughan

This song is related to a very sweet moment of last week, no particular connections to lyrics…