I reblog this because I think is a very good point that too often we put behind a thousand of good intentions… But we can give love to others, in so far as we have plenty for ourselves!
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July 2012 travels 206

January 9th

Today Love YOU more than ever before. Be extra kind and gentle with yourself. Have you made a resolution that you have not been able to keep? Let it go! Let yourself off the hook. Decide today you will not judge yourself. Decide that wherever you are, the place is precisely perfect for YOU!!

This day I will love me like never before. I will sing a song of Joy and Peace. Whether it is rap, jazz, blues, country, funk, an oldie, rock and roll or gospel, I will sing all day telling the Universe I am happy and joyous. I am liberated from my former fears and pains. Today is a day of celebration. I celebrate my life in fullness and gratitude.

On this day I commit to treating myself with dignity and respect. I absolutely love and treasure who I have become. I am extremely excited…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

Chapter one

‚ÄúBeginning a new life‚Ä̬†picture taken by me during my flight to¬†New Zealand¬†– April 2013


I took this picture during my flight to New Zealand. I bought “Shantaram” few weeks before the flight, some friends spoken me about this book and I was so curios to read it that I almost couldn’t resist. But I was determined to read it during my journey, so I finally started the book during my flight from Rome to Auckland…. I did had time ahead! But truth is… I’ve never read that much about it, and not because I didn’t like it, but just because I was so excited and focused on the present moment that I didn’t wanted to be taken away from it. So I leave the book in my backpack and I lived the moment, every moment, just focusing on what I felt, perceived and experienced.
Finally doing this trip, has been the achievement of bigger dream of my life. I did it after a very hard period of my life, full of changes, difficulties and a questioning deeply myself. This was my first solo travel and definitely a milestone in my personal growth and new life beginning.
So finally… that journey was the exact moment when my real life began!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

This is in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

right place, right moment

‚ÄúI don’t want to be anywhere else… Right place, right moment¬†= Pure joy ‚Ä̬†picture taken by me (selfshot) in¬†the¬†Aoraki-Mount Cook¬†Alpine National Park –¬†Hooker¬†Valley¬†¬†¬†South Island ‚Äď New Zealand¬†– April 2013